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Centralized mobile app for all customers#22

MembersPRO will be moving towards a centralized app solution for all of our customers.

There are lots of reasons why… most positive, a couple negatives. But at the end of the day it is all done with you and your customers experience in mind.

Some of the biggest benefits of this new system:

  • Less costs; no more additional fees needed to pay for your developer accounts or our DFY publishing process (for those outside the AS50)

  • Less stress; No crazy Apple approval process

  • Quicker to market; your brand will instantly be available inside our central app on iOS / Android (instead of waiting 30-60+ days for developer account and app approval)

  • Less tech woes; no need to constantly release the new version of the app each year (because of certificates for push notifications)

  • Better overall experience; you and your customers will always have the latest app version with all bug fixes etc (automatically done for you; so that you look like a rockstar)

  • More time to do what you do best; there is absolutely no need to manage anything to do with your app (no review management; nothin’!) all you have to worry about is your content and your customers!

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