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Gamification - reward your customer's success!#21

Our gamification feature will allow your custmers to earn rewards points that can be automatically unlocked/ redeemed for additional modules or courses.

We also want those points to be used as coupons/ discounts towards other programs that you offer (once we have an order form system in place)

Points will be earnable by certain actions completed in your membership:

  • completing a lesson
  • completing a module
  • completing a course
  • watching a video in it’s entirety (once video hosting is in place)
  • completing a quiz or assessment (once in place)
  • leaving a helpful reply in the community and getting upvoted
  • replying to your emails from MembersPRO

The list goes on… All of these things will be up to you to have on or off.

If there are any other actions that you’d like to see your customers earn points from then list your suggestions below!

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