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Community - (replace your paid Facebook groups)#20

Our idea behind this community system is to allow our customers to build a safe place free from the volitle social platforms.

We will not regulate your communities - because they are yours. Your members have a right to have and use them.

In terms of the functionality behind this feature… we want it to be a mix of social and organised. Something that is like a forum but also like the beloved Facebook groups.

Community will be tied to a few different features within the system like:

  1. Gamification - people who leave helpful replies to others and get upvoted for them will be able to earn gamification points. People who engage or just post in general could also be able to earn gamification points - the choice is yours!

  2. Lessons - now your members will be able to leave comments and helpful replies directly on your lessons. These comments will be easily found in your main community area too - helping you organise a better solution path for your customers.

In the future we also have a vision to enable you to live stream directly in your community to share announcements and such.

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Changed the title from "Community (replace your paid Facebook groups)" to "Community - replace your paid Facebook groups)"
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Changed the title from "Community - replace your paid Facebook groups)" to "Community - (replace your paid Facebook groups)"
10 months ago

Allow for an anonymous member option

10 months ago

Sounds awesome!

9 months ago

Any updates on availability?

6 months ago