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Video hosting#19

MembersPRO will allow you to upload your videos directly to us - helping you save on hosting costs and helping you deliver your content in a better way.

Video hosting will tie into:

  1. Statisics - allowing you to see what’s videos are being consumed and how much of them are being watched.

  2. Gamification - allowing you to reward your members for actually consuming more of your content.

  3. Experience - when someone watches half your video and logs out - MembersPRO will allow them to continue watching from where they left off (Netflix for courses style!) We’ll also allow your to slightly customise your video players to suit your brand.

Video hosting may not be available on all plans. There will also be restrictions on the upload limits for each plan too.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Will the gamification be available on all plans?

2 years ago